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Drug & Device Service
The procurement channels for medicines and equipment are spread all over the country, and more than 4,000 production enterprises directly open accounts and provide distribution services to more than 40,000 medical institutions across the country, while the drugstore sales.
With many of professional teams, providing refined services.
Chinese medicine & Entity pharmacies
We have Chinese medicine decoction processing enterprises, Chinese medicine hospitals, Chinese medicine decocting centers, green medicinal materials planting bases and physical pharmacies.
Medical industry third party logistics
We have a professional medical quality, warehousing, transportation and logistics service system. The network covers all provinces and cities in China and is unique in the distribution of cold chain products.
Hospital Management & Medical Informationization
We have specialist hospitals, old-age care institutions, doctors' groups, and physical pharmacies. We provide medical institutions with service washing, surgical equipment disinfection and leasing, equipment maintenance, and hospital property services. They are professional providers of hospital logistics services; their information technology companies have more than 200 people. Professional technical team dedicated to the development of information technology in the medical industry.
Medical industry investment
The fund team focuses on investing in the research and development of Chinese medicine, innovative medicines and high-end medical devices.

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